Inflight Aviation&Travel is established by a team equipped with years of professional aviation and travel business experience worldwide,  specifically focused in Pacific Asia,  Armenia, United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine. Inflight has the setup of two main commercial activities; aviation and travel businesses which are  completing each other and gives the ease of being one stop service point for both tour operators and travelers where they can supply the final products including flight tickets, without worrying about the rest of the package.

With regard to traveling, Inflight has all kinds of ground handling tourism services, including tour packages for tour wholesalers, special interest tours, especially Pilgrimage, and religious tours to biblical sites of Turkey.


On the other hand, we want to do our best to increase the number of tourism & travel interactions, especially between Turkey and the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai.

In the aviation business, Inflight is currently the general sales agency and country representative of two airlines, one of which is a national carrier. Reservation & ticketing services, charter operations, aircraft chartering are our focus areas. Inflight is also a registered sales representative of a pilot training center for PPL and CPL training in Ukraine.